Tekleweyni Geday

Leucturer (Information and computing sciences)

Mekelle, Ethiopia

I am Tekleweyni Geday Welegebrial lecturer in the Department of Information Science at the College of Natural and Computational Science, Mekelle University, Ethiopia. I hold a B.Sc. degree in information science from (Jimma University in 2011), and an M.Sc. degree in Information Technology from (the University of Gondar in 2017). My career began by becoming an ICT expert in the Tigray region former Werileke Wereda, Central zone, Tigray and Adigrat Town Civil Service office from 2011-2013 for two years respectively. After Joining Mekelle University in 2013 I led and actively participated in community services and knowledge and technology transfer of the Mekelle University. Now as an information Science and Technology graduate, I am working on open-access initiatives, boosting my research publication, and motivated to work on scholarly communication. On January 22 2024 I started a new volunteer DataCite Ambassadorship. A DataCite Ambassador is a dedicated advocate for the organization


  • A Localized Hybrid Ontology for Computer Fault Diagnosis and Troubleshooting
  • Guide to Web Based Digital Archive Management System: ArchivesSpace
  • Web Based Digital Archival Processing and Collection Management System
  • Supplemental materials for preprint: Guide to Web Based Digital Archive Management System: ArchivesSpace

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